Human Basophil Studies

This website will provide the links you need to download microarray files associated with the published report 'Expression Profiling of Human Basophils: Modulation by Cytokines and Secretagogues' in PlosOne, 2015. Files are also provided for the published report 'Identifying Regulatory Pathways of SYK Expression in Human Basophils' (JACI, 145:947, 2020), for the report 'Response of Peripheral Blood Basophils in Subjects with Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria During Treatment with Omalizumab' (JACI, 2021), and for the newest report in Clinical and Experimental Allergy titled "Association of a SYK Promoter Polymorphism with SYK Expression and IgE-mediated Histamine Release" (now online). There is also a link button to an expanded webpage that provides links to other information about basophils. Note that it is now possible to download a Windows version of the application that works with the microarray data files. It is not as full featured as the Macintosh version but will allow some basic processing. There is a new version for macOS 11.0 and higher that fixes some text drawing issues. Because of newer sandboxing with Mac Apps, when you first try to open the new Mac version, the Finder will tell you it cannot. Simply, pick the option to 'Show in Finder' and then right-click the application to choose 'Open'.